My studio equipment list is constantly updating due to new investment and experimentation - however, I tend to favour Korg synths and Fender guitars.

My current studio installation includes: Ashton 6 string acoustic guitar, Fender electric jazz bass, Korg M50 synth workstation, Novation Ultranova synthesizer Korg D3200 digital multitracker, Zoom HD 16 portastudio, Korg R3 synthesizer, Akai Miniak synthesizer, Korg Triton Extreme synth workstation, Korg Micro Sampler, Korg Minilogue synth, AXL Badwater electric guitar,  Behringer Tube Composer, TL Audio Ivory Valve Compressor, Zoom Acoustic Creator AC-2, Danelectro 12 string electric guitar, Luna Gypsy acoustic guitar, Cort classical guitar, AFQ Pro Series Santa Rosa archtop electric guitar, Schecter P51 Mustang electric guitar, Luna Tattoo acoustic bass, Ashton 12 string acoustic guitar, Hartwood Novella jazz guitar, Epiphone Dove Pro electro acoustic guitar, and numerous effects units.

LightShip Music

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